Rupert Norval Richardson

Rupert N. Richardson was a writer, educator, and historian.

In the 1940's, he wrote Texas: The Lone Star State. The book has been updated several times and is now in it's ninth edition. The book's preface reads:

When Professor Richardson prepared the final draft of his manuscript for the first edition of Texas: The Lone Star State, he wrote in his preface that his mission was to "provide, as far as the limitations of a single volume will permit, a complete survey of the history of Texas." His goal was to present not only the topics affording "adventure, contest, and color" but also "the more prosaic but equally important subjects." In search of balance, he sought to tell the story of "cotton pickers" and "priests and conquerors," of "filibusterers" and "farmers"—a complete story, to the extent possible.

He wrote several other books, including Along Texas Old Forts Trail and Battles of Texas. The Comanche Barrier to South Plains Settlement was named by A. C. Green as one of the 50 best books on Texas.

He was President of Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas, from1943 to1953. He was later named President Emeritus of the university. He was a charter member of the Hardin-Simmons Hall of Leaders.

The Richardson Library on the Hardin-Simmons campus is named after him, and houses The Rupert N. Richardson Research Center for the Southwest, a collection of historical books and documents on Texas and the Southwest.

He was a founder of the West Texas Historical Association. The association sponsors the annual Rupert Norval Richardson Award for the best book on West Texas history.

He was named a Fellow of the Texas State Historical Association in 1929, and served as its President from 1969 to 1970.

He was a member of the Texas State Historical Survey Committee (now the Texas Historical Commission) from 1953 to 1967, serving as President from 1961 to 1963.

July 1965, he went to Washington to support the bill to create the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and testified in the committee hearings.

In 1978, the Texas Society of Architects awarded him with a Citation of Honor for significant contributions toward improvement of the natural or built environment in Texas.

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