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Genealogy of the Texas Sutphens

Sutphen is the Americanized version of van Zutphen, a Dutch name. The progenitor of the family in the New World was Dirck Jansen van Zutphen, who immigrated from Zutphen, Holland around 1650. Many of the Sutphens (or Sutphins) settled around Monmouth, New Jersey, and at least one battle was fought on Sutphen land during the Revolution. Others setlled across Raritan and Jamaica Bay on Long Island. There is still a Sutphin Boulevard and subway stop in Jamaica, Queens.

The family spread out from there. A contingent of the family went south, and settled in Virginia. The Virginia branch usually spell the name Sutphin. For more information on the Virginia Sutphins, as well as other branches, see Mike Sutphin's Sutphen Genealogy Page or the SCOL site (Sutphin/Sutphen/Sutfin Cousins OnLine), also run by Mike.

There are four known lines of Sutphens in Texas. Most of the information here is on the John S. Sutphen line. I have some information on the Abraham Sutphen line also. There is little I know about the Henry and Peter Sutphen lines yet, but I will add information as I get it.

John S. Sutphen Line
Abraham Sutphen line
Marston Sutphen line
Henry A. Sutphen Line
c. 1910
Peter Sutphen Line
The Woodlands

The links at left will take you to information on each family. The site is always in the process of being built, so information is added as I have the time.

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The Sutphen Family Cemeteries page contains information on some of the cemeteries where the family members are buried. Photos of the headstones are included if I have them.

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The John S. Sutphen Line

John S. Sutphen and Wife Matilda Chrisman Sutphen brought their family to Texas from Tennessee in 1850. There are several families included as part of this line. The main families covered here are my direct ancestors on my father's paternal line:

  • Sutphen - descendants of John S. Sutphen and Matilda Chrisman
  • Chrisman - Descendants of David Chrisman and Mary
  • Scogin - descendants of Wright Scogin and Susan Hawthorne
  • Oxsheer - descendants of Samuel Oxsheer and Sarah Wilson
  • Richardson - descendants of Josiah Richardson and Lucy Humber
  • Walker - descendants of Elmore Walker and Mary LaSelle
  • Wilson - descendants of Greenberry Wilson and Temperance Bradshaw

I hope to add more of my direct lines in the future, including the Hawthorne, Humber, LaSelle, and Bradshaw families. I also have some information on the Crawford family, who married into the Oxsheers, but are not one of my direct lines. The McLennans married into the Wilsons. I had to include them because they are probably the most interesting of all the families.

The Abraham Sutphen Line

Abraham Sutphen came to Texas from Tennessee in 1850 as a slave of John and Matilda Sutphen. Abraham married Viney in Texas, and they had eight sons. See the link at left for more information on this family.

The Marston Sutphen Line

Marston Sutphen was in Thurber, Texas for the 1900 Census. See the link at left for more information on this family.

The Henry Sutphen Line

Henry Aaron Sutphen, son of Spencer William Sutphen, came to Texas from Parson, Kansas about 1910, and settled in Beaumont. No further information is known at this time.

The Peter Sutphen Line

Peter Sutphen, son of Samuel Davis Sutphen, came tom Texas from East Orange, New Jersey in 1968. This line has a long history in New Jersey, and may possibly be traced all the way back to Dirck Jansen Van Zutphen. More information will be posted as I get it.


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