Sutphen Family Cemeteries

Bethany, Caddo Parish, Louisiana (Map of Bethany, LA, US)

These graves are not in a cemetery, but in the front yard of a home on Highway 79 just east of the state line.

John Scogin

Mary Lang Scogin

Bethel Cemetery
Appleby, Nacogdoches County, Texas (Map of Bethel Baptist Church)
See Gone Home to Bethel: A Directory To The Bethel Cemetery In Appleby, Nacogdoches County, Texas, compiled By SheRita Kae Vaughn Partin in the USGenWeb Archives.
This is a fairly large cemetery, and there are several more people buried here that are probably related; those listed are known relatives.

Crawford, Elizabeth Baysinger
Crawford, Martin B.
Crawford, Simon Bolivar
Crawford, William and Pervilla Melton
Hancock, Dan and Blanche Scogin
Melton, Abner
Melton, Ben
Melton, Fannie Lucille
Melton, Henry
Melton, James and Kathryn Lynch
Melton, James and Martha Scogin
Melton, Kenna Smith
Melton, Lillian
Melton, Mary Crawford
Melton, William and Laura Anderson
Pixley, Will and Viola Scogin
Richardson, Daniel W.
Richardson, Elizabeth Watkins
Richardson, John Henry
Richardson, Tullis and Lizzie Melton
Scogin, Allie Mae
Scogin, Annie (1)
Scogin, Annie (2)
Scogin, Bennie
Scogin, Bennie and Villa Belle Crawford
Scogin, Claudie (1)
Scogin, Claudie (2)
Scogin, Clint and Gracie Stoker
Scogin, D. H. (1)
Scogin, D. H. (2)
Scogin, David Weldon (1)
Scogin, David Weldon (2)
Scogin, David and Florence
Scogin, J. Larkin and Ruby Martin
Scogin, James and Mary Bullock
Scogin, Jessie Pearl
Scogin, Lucille
Scogin, Pearl
Scogin, Raymond L. (1)
Scogin, Raymond L. (2)
Scogin, Sarah Sheddan
Scogin, Tol and Delia
Scogin, Tolliver and Rosea
Scogin, Verie Bell
Scogin, William and Mollie Buckner
Swan, Elbert and Etter Scogin
Swan, Gradie, Lottie, J. D., and Infant
Swan, Infant son of E. H.
Wyatt, Hazel Pixley

Caddo Cemetery
Caddo, Stephens County, Texas ( Map of Caddo, TX US)

Caddo Cemetery is on County Road 114 just north of Caddo. Several members of the Samuel Sutphen family are buried there. The Sutphen homestead is just north of the cemetery, and part of the property is stil in the family.


Greenwood Cemetery
Garrison, Nacogdoches County, Texas (Map of Garrison, TX US)
Greenwood Cemetery website, Kae Partin

The Oxsheer Tree
Davidson, Mariah Ann Sutphen

Norriss, Clorinda
Oxsheer, Cordelia
Oxsheer, Daniel (marker)
Oxsheer, Daniel T.
Oxsheer, Eliza Ann Kirley
Oxsheer, Elizabeth Katherine
Oxsheer, Emma
Oxsheer, Fannie Adell Bridwell
Oxsheer, George
Oxsheer, George Euphrates
Oxsheer, George Franklin
Oxsheer, George G.
Oxsheer, infant of William and Mary Jane
Oxsheer, Joannah Alexander
Oxsheer, Lucy Lena
Oxsheer, Mary Jane Norriss
Oxsheer, Samuel (marker)
Oxsheer, Samuel E.
Oxsheer, Sarah Eugenia
Oxsheer, Sophia Jane Weatherly
Oxsheer, Thomas Norriss
Oxsheer, Vivia
Oxsheer, Vivia
Oxsheer, W. E.
Oxsheer, William Elmore (Sr.)
Oxsheer, William Elmore (Jr.)
Sutphen, David S.
Sutphen, Frank
Sutphen, John S. (First generation Texas Sutphen)
Sutphen, John S. (son of William Chrisman Sutphen)
Sutphen, Mallie
Sutphen, Matilda W. Chrisman (First generation Texas Sutphen, wife of John S.)
Sutphen, W. A.

Oakwood Cemetery
Waco, McLennan County, Texas (Map of Oakwood Cemetery)

The McLennan family was moved to Oakwood in 1963 from the family cemetery on the Bosque River when Lake Waco submerged the old homestead. According to the Texas Historical Commission Historic Sites Atlas, the old cemetery is still there on the edge of the lake. However, if it is there, a cement company site sits on top of it, and their fence blocks access to the land.


Old North Church Cemetery
North of Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches County, Texas (Map of Old North Church)

Hurricane Rita took down the historic Old North Church oak tree in 2005. According to legend, as early as 1832, Nacogdoches settlers met and worshipped under this tree. In 1835, the 10 acres of land around the tree was donated for use as a graveyard and church site by Dr. John M. Sparks. The shade of the tree was where Elder Isaac Reed gave his first Baptist sermon after word of Santa Anna's defeat reached the settlers. Read about Old North Church at The Handbook of Texas Online.
Many of Abraham and Viney Sutphen's family are buried here, both inside and outside the cemetery fence. Scogin relatives are also buried here. There are more family members buried here than are shown below.

Historic Church Wright & Susan Benjamin & Susan Abe & Viney  

Historical marker

Monroe Grimes

Sarah Grimes

The following inscriptions are from the graves outside the cemetery fence:

Abe Sutphen
Died Sep. 22, 1908
At Rest
In memory of our mother
Viney Sutphen
Died Oct. 31, 1914
Arthur Sutphen
Dec. 27, 1883
Feb. 22, 1927
He has gone to the mansion of rest
Mahala Sutphen
Feb. 12, 1881
Mar. 2, 1947
In loving memory
Clarence Sutphen
born Jan. 12, 1897
Died July 2, 1919 (?)
A loving son
Arbella Sutphen
July 6, 1891
July 13, 1891
Abe Sutphen
Oct. 7, 1898
Oct. 14, 1898
Enoch Sutphen
Died July 18, 1886
A.D. Sutphen
Jan. 21, 1864
Oct. 18, 1935
Farewell my wife and children all
From you a father Christ doth call
From wife & children
Albert Sutphen
Died Feb. 22, 1894

Ross Cemetery
Baird, Callahan County, Texas (Map of Baird, TX US)

Ross Cemetery is on Hwy 283 just north of I-20 in Baird. The original section is on the west side of the road, and the Addition is on the east side. Members of the Sutphen, Scogin, and Richardson families are buried there.

Billingsley, Eunice & Clyde
Harris, Murray
Harris, Pearl Richardson

Richardson, David Humber
Richardson, Josephine Fry
Sanders, Marianne Varner
Scogin, Mary Ann Richardson
Scogin, Robert
Sutphen, Curtis & Theresa
Sutphen, George and Mary Anna
Sutphen, Isaac Brennand
Varner, Paul Max
Varner, Raleigh Max

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